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Spotless Floor Care

Wish to work with a reliable, specialist carpet cleaning company in Lexington, KY?

Welcome to Spotless Floor Care – Serving Lexington, KY and Surrounding Areas.

Nothing But Faster, Safer, and Better Floor Care!

Keeping a sparkling, clean home or office is important, not only to make the area look good, but also to keep you, your loved ones, and colleagues absolutely safe from bacteria and other microorganisms. Think regular vacuuming or scrubbing cleans your home or office completely? Well, it doesn’t!

Despite the daily cleaning that you may do, germs, dirt, dust, and debris are hidden deep in your floor covering, tiles, or within your furniture’s upholstery. Most low-end vacuums, floor cleaners, and other cleaning products simply don’t have what it takes to ensure deep cleaning.

What Should You Do?

It is a better approach to look for expert carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning solutions for your home or office occasionally. Availing professional floor and carpet cleaning services is the best option you have to keep your home or place of business absolutely free of germs, bacteria, allergens, dirt, and other debris.

Thinking to contact a reliable, professional carpet cleaning company in Lexington, KY, but don’t know which service provider you should choose?

We, at Spotless Floor Care, offer the carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning services that you need for your office or home. Providing the best cleaning solutions at the most competitive rates, we enable our clients to enjoy cleaner, safer, and shinier floor coverings for longer periods.

What Makes Us The Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Lexington, KY?

Spotless Floor Care takes absolute pride in its trained, dedicated workforce, proven cleaning techniques, advanced cleaning equipment, and environmentally-friendly cleaners. We make full use of GREEN cleaning agents that are exclusive to Spotless Floor Care.

Our floor and carpet cleaning practices, combined with the best and the safest cleaning agents provide our clients with “Faster, Safer, and Better Floor Care”.

If you’re looking to ensure a clean, visually-appealing home or office or create a germ-free environment, then get in touch with an expert carpet cleaning company in Lexington, KY – Spotless Floor Care. Our carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning services are sure to meet your needs and budget.


Meet the Owners

We are Paul & Tina Craig and we have been married for 20 years.  We have 2 beautiful children as you can see above.  We currently reside in Lexington, KY and been here for 6 years.  Prior to that we lived in the Phoenix, AZ area where we started our cleaning company.  We started Spotless Floor Care because over the years we had become alarmingly aware of the cumulative effects Non-Green chemicals were having on peoples health.  Having a medical background we were in a position to see not only studies, but actual  patients of our colleagues.  These patients were suffering from ailments ranging from skin rashes to cancer that we brought on by an over abundance of chemical exposures.  The amazing thing was that a staggering number of these ailments subsided completely once the exposure was halted and the body was detoxed of the offending toxins.  Once we had gained this knowledge we made it our mission to formulate cleaning agents that were not only super stars in the cleaning arena, but “Green” substances that pose no health risk to the home owner, their family and our employees.  The result of this effort is Spotless Floor Care!