Can it really help my allergies?

It can! By laying down on a mattress, you are breathing the air surrounding the mattress while you sleep (an average of 1/3 of your life!). The quickest and simplest way to improve the air that you are breathing while you sleep, is to have your mattress regularly cleaned and sanitized! Our patent-pending Clean Sleep Machine’s 5-step process kills bacteria and removes allergy-causing dander from the surface of your mattress, in addition to any dust, dirt or microscopic debris that may be on your mattress. Improve your breathing today

Our cleaning process doesn’t use any harmful chemicals!

Our process is safe and natural. Our mission is your HEALTH first, which means that we have specifically designed our cleaning system in order to leave you with a safe, naturally sanitized mattress to rest upon! Whether you are pregnant, sensitive or allergic to certain chemical compounds, or simply have a concern about the use of household chemicals or the environment in general, you can rest easy!